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I was born to a typical Amish lesbian couple in the highlands of Scotland.  That was my old life, before the end came. After pulling myself out the twisted remnants of the world after the great apocalypse, I shed everything that tied me to the world that is no more. I found shelter in an old bunker, safe from the howling winds, the radioactive rains, and the marauding bands of Zombie Protestants.

It is here, in the safety of my own darkness, that I check out all the things that tickle my geek fancy. I watch movies, a lot of them cheesy, corny, and downright awful ( I even made a few cheesy ones myself with some of the best people in the world).  I play a lot of games, mostly of the tabletop variety, but my computer gets plenty of me time as well. I read books and I try to write them too.